What is Hydron

Hydron is a modern system built on the latest technologies (today`s technology), Cloud based solution with a responsive and fluid web layout which dynamically fits any screen resolution even the tablets and smart mobiles.

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Hydron Safety Edition

Business Cases -> Solution

  • Hydron Safety is modern system designed to optimize safety performance as HSE, getting everyone involved to boost the safety and team collaboration.

Business Challenge


  • Animated Problem/Solution
  • Optimize Safety performance and get everyone involved.

Hydron e-MOC Edition

Business Cases -> Solution

  • Hydron MOC edition is designed particularly to automate the Management of Change concept & procedure, applying all key standards in the industry.

Business Challenge


  • Animated Problem/Solution
  • Electronic management of change system, Control Technical changes at worksites.

Process Safety Management PSM Standards

Comply using Hydron

System Benefits

What Benefits Hydron system adds to on your Production and Procedures at work sites

Best Practices

Comply and apply best practices at your work sites

Increased Performance

Enhance and increase performance of your production by deploying modern systems

Time Management

Save time and efforts of processing approvals, automate follow-ups and get the job done on time

Reduced risks

Minimize the operations risks when following the automated procedures, the system guarantees an optimal and flexible workflows

Why to choose us

A must-see collection of new features

We have integrated a set of new ideas and creative features, making our system special and unique to stand out of the crowd

In 1991, OSHA and EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) respectively, Released the (Process Safety Management) Standards, PSM & RMP that Applies to Those Companies that are Affected by The Standards

Management of Change is one of these standards that is considered as a best practice in the industry

A modern system built in the latest Microsoft technologies with responsive and fluid web layout which dynamically fits any screen resolution even the tablets and smart mobiles.

is web based application and has been built right from the start to work on cloud platforms , especially Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

Pleasant, easy-to-navigate GUI

Nice user interface, easy access and organized sections per functionality, users will find it nice and easy to use.

The system hierarchy is build to accommodate multiple sites and operational units for a company under regional classification if required.

Efficiency and Responsiveness

A high performance quality system designed to work on multiple platforms as web based application on all web browsers. PCs, tablets and mobiles screens is also compatible with our responsive and high quality design

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